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I’ve always considered myself as creative and thought a blog would be a good way of keeping all my “projects” in one place.

I always look at furniture or interior design and think “I can do that!”, so I’m going to stop just saying it and actually do it and document it as I go along.

Even though I’d consider myself naturally creative studying Art, Photography and Textiles at school I also have a technical side and studied Information Technology at University. (any “techys” reading this, I hope you appreciate the title!).

My logo; Simplistic, monochrome and delicate which is the look I seem to be drawn to at the moment!


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Front Door Inspriation

Bright and Bold…

Toms Dad and step mum came to visit our new digs in London before the renovation starts (TOMORROW!)

We spent the day visiting the quirky market stalls on Portobello Road and exploring Notting hill Gate. One thing that stood out to me was the bold, colourful front doors and it made me want to push the boat out with our colour choice.

We plan on stripping the old paint off our front door and repainting (as I love my letter box, I want to hold onto it – if possible).

I’m feeling inspired and thinking of going similar to the burnt orange colour above or potentially a deep purple (won’t go as far as the blue/green/pink combo though!)



I can’t wait to post the after shot.

J x

A change of plan…

A slight change of plan..

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

After months of planning the structural work on our property the budget kept on increasing to the point where we would be spending way over what we could afford, with the risk of losing everything!

After many discussions between Tom and I, my parents, our neighbour who is a Interior designer/builder and estate agent we decided to scrap the original plan of moving the structural wall and making a sleeping area and focusing on the cosmetic side of it only.

Even doing the cosmetic work only the budget is now at its max – I’m so glad we reconsidered or we would be in a very difficult situation for sure!

So anyway, Plan B, the cosmetic work.

We are still getting new sash bay windows, new kitchen, bathroom, flooring etc. so still a pretty big job!  We have a pretty good square footage in the studio so we are planning on getting a bookcase to segregate the sleeping and lounging areas.

Something similar to the below:


The new designs for our kitchen are below! We have gone for a white gloss handless, integrated units and a Italian concrete/wooden effect worktop.

The work is scheduled to start on the 21st so will be moving very quickly from now on! I plan on documenting the progress so keep your eyes peeled for progress updates as well as items I have purchased along the way.



We are home owners!

After getting our offer accepted in October 2016 (on my Birthday!), it has been a very long 5 months of waiting until we exchanged and finally moved in!


The previous owners rented out the property and had to give the tenants 2 months notice which made the waiting game even longer. As we was itching to move in, a lot of big events happened such as;

  • I turned 23 (last year of being early 20’s)
  • My sister got married in Italy (which included a holiday to Lake Garda and Venice, because it would be rude not too!)
  • Toms God Son turned 1!
  • Had a mini holiday in Wales where we did the Fan Dance SAS Route and hiked up Mount Snowdon
  • Welcomed 2017
  • Tom and I both ran our first Marathon in Brighton
  • Found out i’m going to an Auntie!

Anyway, back to houses…

We FINALLY moved into our new home (Victorian house converted into different apartments) on the lower ground floor in Shepherds Bush! A very exciting time as we plan on converting our little studio into a 1 bed apartment which include removing a supporting wall, relocating the current kitchen and bathroom, replacing sash windows etc. (going to be very busy!)

Attaching the floor plan below. I’m no architect but a quick job on paint hopefully should show the plan (Red line is the wall which is going to be removed and the blue line is the wall to be added)


The current bathroom will become our bedroom, the studio area will become an open plan kitchen/dining room and the current kitchen will become a bathroom.

I’m sure I will post again during each stage, but for now I will post the “Before” pictures below.

Current Lounge:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Current Bathroom (Bedroom to be!):

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Kitchen (Bathroom to be!):

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Outdoor area:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’t it for now! Now onto getting multiple quotes per job and start planning!

Jess x

Flowered Stag Head

As we are beginning our property search, holding back buying decoration is getting harder and harder.

I saw the image below on Instagram of a deer skull with natural flowers and fell in love instantly. After further research I saw delivery was to the United States only so I decided to put my DIY hat on.


I searched the internet and auction sites and found my own stag head which I was happy with (£150):


And a flowered hair piece (£5):


The Final Result:

I really love how it turned out and a lot better than expected due to the cheaper plastic flowers apposed to dried. Overall I think this is the perfect masculine-feminine balance and will look perfect above the headboard in our bedroom or next to the TV.

Log Candle Holder

I just love the natural warmth look of wood. My partner and I was walking the dogs and found lots of tree stumps which have been cut down and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create something!

A candle holder! Or a side table to put your wine…
IMG_5652 (2)

As I have decided to keep all of my DIY projects in one place I thought it might be useful to create a step by step guide in case I wish to do it again…

Step 1

Select the tree stump you wish to use and take off any bark which can be easily removed (I found a stubborn bit and decided to keep it for “character”).

Step 2

Sand the top and bottom of the stump, trying to make it as level as possible. For this is used a belt sander which I borrowed for this purpose as it made the whole processes quicker. Then sand by hand or with a hand sander to smooth any parts of the tree stump.

Step 3

Clean the tree stump and ensure there is no sawdust. I used water first and then white spirit to ensure it was clean. Once the log had dried I used 3 coats (a hour between each to dry) of a satin clear varnish to bring out the colours of the natural wood.


Living Room Inspiration

I’m seriously in love with these 2 interior designs. The grey/brown theme to the left with the splash of blue and the monochrome with hints of greenery to the right.

I would be very happy if my living room looks anything like these 2 examples so I tried to pin point what exactly I liked about them as well as what I would like slightly differently.


  • (Left) Hint of colour which is not too over powering.
  • (Left) The blue cushion and metal on table to the right matches shades of blue within the art work.
  • (Left) The leaf imagery matches the plant on the table.
  • (Right) The cushion seats at the front of the image as they are practical and stylish.
  • (Right) The hint of greenery to the right of the image adds interest to the strong monochrome.

Hate (well, dislike):

  • (Left) The table to the left of the image is a little “standard”. I think a large log slice table would be much more fitting and still keep in with the general theme.
  • The art work on both of the images seems very generic and impersonal. I want art work/imagery which means something and represent my personality.
  • (Right) Doesn’t seem very homely and lacking warmth – probably due to the lack of colour.

It’s making me very excited for our new adventure. How early is too early to buy cushions?!

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